Hypnotherapy for Fear of Injections in Your Town

Symptoms of Needle Phobia

If you have a fear of injections, you may dread receiving medical care, particularly by hypodermic needle.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Injections in Your Town - Nurse with Hypodermic needle

When you are required to undergo a medical procedure, you are likely to experience high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate in the hours and days leading up to your procedure.

However, at the time of the event, your blood pressure may rapidly drop.

You may even faint.

Another danger of needle phobia is that it can cause sufferers to avoid visiting the doctor or dentist.

Although the actual phobia is of needles or injections, it can lead to a more generalized fear of medical and dental healthcare providers. (Sometime leading to a Fear of Dentists in itself)

In extreme cases, the sufferer may refuse to receive even routine checkups.

Causes of Fear of Injections

As with all phobias, Scientists are still unsure precisely what causesa fear of injections.

It seems to be inherited, as an estimated 80% of those who have the condition have a close relative that suffers from the same phobia.

However, it is possible that the fear is learned (what we call “Learned Behaviour”) rather than biologically inherited.

Some psychologists believe that the fear may be rooted in an ancient survival technique.

Puncture wounds could be deadly, particularly in the days before modern antibiotics.

It is possible that a fear of puncturing the skin was an evolutionary adaptation although not everybody seems to suffer from this problem.

Treating the Fear of Injections

Many people have found have their needle phobia significantly improved with CPI and Clinical Hypnosis sessions. (See below)

In addition, new methods for medication distribution are being developed.

For example, a nasal spray form of the flu vaccine has recently been approved for use in most healthy people.

Researchers are working on possible needle-free ways of testing diabetics’ blood sugar and performing other needed medical tests.

Needle phobia can be a serious condition that should be treated, as it could eventually lead you to miss out on essential medical care.

If you think that you have a Fear of Injections then please contact me.



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